CS598CXZ Advanced Topics in Information Retrieval (Fall 2016)

Instructor: ChengXiang Zhai

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Schedule (anticipated)

Notes: Lecture videos are available here .
Date Topic Readings Notes
8/24 Wed Course overview(ppt); Overview of IR research (ppt)

Part 1. Background
8/26 Fri Basic Probability & Statistics (ppt) Rosenfeld's note on estimation Assign #1
8/31 Wed Basic Concepts of Information Theory (ppt) Rosenfeld's note on information theory Assign #2

Part 2. Framework and Models
9/2 Fri Probabilistic Retrieval Models I (ppt) [Robertson and Zaragoza 2009] (Chapters 1-3); SLMIR (Chapter 2)
9/7 Wed Cloud Computing and Azure
Guest lecture by David Giard (Microsoft)
9/9 Fri Probabilistic Retrieval Models II (ppt) [Robertson and Zaragoza 2009] (Chapters 1-3); SLMIR (Chapters 3-5) RSJ Derivation Note
9/14 Wed Probabilistic Retrieval Models III (ppt) SLMIR (Chapters 3-5)
9/16 Fri Probabilistic Retrieval Models V (ppt; LMIR Tutorial) SLMIR (Chapters 3-5) Assign #3
9/21 Wed Probabilistic Retrieval Models VI (ppt; LMIR Tutorial) SLMIR (Chapters 3-5)
9/23 Fri Axiomatic Retrieval Framework (ppt) [Fang 07] (Chapters 3 & 4); Online resources on axiomatic analysis Assign #4

Part 3. Text Mining: Statistical Topic Models
9/28 Wed Probabilistic Latent Semantic Analysis I (ppt) SLMIR (Chapter 7); PLSA; EM algorithm
9/30 Fri Probabilistic Latent Semantic Analysis II (ppt) SLMIR (Chapter 7); PLSA; EM algorithm Chase's EM Note
10/5 Wed Latent Dirichlet Allocation I (ppt) SLMIR (Chapter 7) Assign #5
10/7 Fri Latent Dirichlet Allocation II (ppt) SLMIR (Chapter 7)
10/12 Wed Extensions of PLSA and LDA (ppt) SLMIR (Chapter 7) LDA Inference Survey
10/14 Fri Distributional Semantics and Word Embeddings I (pdf) Brown Clustering, Alternate Brown Clustering Derivation
10/19 Wed Distributional Semantics and Word Embeddings II (pdf) word2vec, word2vec reduction, GloVe, Embedding Hyperparameters Assign #6
10/21 Fri Review for Midterm Exam
10/26 Wed Midterm Exam (in class)

Part 4. Frontier Topics and Project-based workshops
10/28 Fri Learning to rank (ppt) Introduction to Learning to Rank
11/2 Wed Project-based workshop
11/4 Fri Project-based workshop
11/9 Wed Project-based workshop
11/11 Fri Project-based workshop
11/16 Wed Project-based workshop
11/18 Fri Project-based workshop
11/23 Wed Thanksgiving Break
11/25 Fri Thanksgiving Break
11/30 Wed Project-based workshop
12/2 Fri Project-based workshop
12/7 Wed Guest Lecture: Attribute Discovery in Massive Text Corpora (pdf); Meng Jiang (Talk abstract) Project presentations due
12/10 Sat Project presentation peer reviews due
12/14 Wed Project final report due